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27 Jul

I got into this business because I am a songwriter. I am also a performing musician (drummer) and I have just about the same aspirations as everyone else. The only difference is that I got tired of “how the biz works” and the “same old same old” in terms of getting a project together, getting some good material and going for a record deal. This has been done to death in my experience, though I still consider it a valid approach and knock NO ONE for doing so. My viewpoint is this: There are some really talented songwriters and performers out there who may never get anywhere while they watch others like them make it big. There is an adage which says “strength in numbers” and I decided this applied to the music industry. I figured instead of, one band, one record, one shot, how about putting together a huge group of talented artists and getting them all promoted together?

Since I had some songs I would like to hear out there on the radio, I thought publishing would be a broader approach in that, getting a song sold would buy some clout in the ’biz’ and expand the possibilities of “ways in” in terms of deals. If I could get a song sold to a popular artist, this would make a name for me and, when I put a project together of my own, there would be more “willing ears” open to listening.

So, I took to the open mic circuit with an acoustic guitar and my best material. I even hit the NYC subways. What I found was that I had something there that people were interested in. What I also found was there was a whole world of artists just like me who were grinding away. That’s when I started thinking about the music industry and what it’s missing. So, I decided to start out to make some changes. I thought, if I don’t agree with how the industry worked, who says I can’t do anything about it? So I formulated a plan. This plan included a series of companies I would establish and run which would work together to make a world of change.

First, Material Worth Publishing, a publishing company which would survey for and corral artists who had material that was, well, WORTH PUBLISHING. Once I had enough artists in the catalog, I would have something very valuable — something record labels, producers, management companies and the like could not ignore! Once done, it would open the door to the first artist getting sold. If it wasn’t me, so be it. I would have the attention of everyone I needed to get EVERYONE sold.

With MWP well on it’s way, I would start an artist management company. This would search out unsigned (and signed) talent to promote and could easily provide a vehicle for the publishing artists’ music. I recently started the management company with one artist on my publishing roster. From there, onward to an all-out record label.

Sounds big and ambitious? Well it is. But, if you look at it on a gradient scale, one thing building on the next, it can be done — and so it will.

Frank Sardella, Owner & President
Material Worth Publishing

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